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About Crede

Crede generates actionable information out of data and delivers data as a service. Our core competency lies in turning data to value-increasing actions. We use our experience in creating structural data, machine learning and prescriptive analytics to solve business problems.

We believe that data is only as good as the amount of actionable insights generated from it.

Our Values

  • We strive to take on projects which we believe will contribute positively to the bottom line of our clients.
  • We believe that our success depends on implementation success and keep an eye on all execution steps.
  • We put privacy of your corporate data first.

Crede’s data technology transforms the way you reach and manage your customers by empowering the head office, personalizing customer experiences and creating long-term profitable customer relationships. Our services are industry free and based on only and only data.

What does Crede mean?

Wiktionary defines Crede as the ‘Second-person singular present active imperative of “crēdō”‘. In short, it means “believe!” in Latin. The Latin word is associated with English words of credibility, belief and creed.


crede reporting services history
crede reporting services history
crede reporting services history
crede reporting services history
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crede veri servisleri tarihçe
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crede tarihçe
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