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Who we are?

Crede was established in 2011 with an analytical data services approach and since then, we helped hundreds of domestic and foreign companies. We developed the intelligence systems, serving companies and professionals use data to drive growth, avoid risk and remain compliant.

Since 2018, Crede, focuses data driven early warning and intelligence solutions and continues to help companies in diverse sectors from finance to manufacturing, from insurance to fintechs.

Crede Career Opportunities

As the fastest growing business analytics company of Turkey, we provide exciting opportunities for our employees. If you like boost your career with Crede, you can contact us at recruiting@crede.com.tr.

Our References

What is Data Service?

  • Data Services means the sharing of data in the form of a regular service.

  • Crede frees machine learning tasks from lengthy project processes.

  • Establishes structures where project outputs are provided as a service.



Banking Fintechs Insurance Real Sector Factoring Asset Management

"CredIS plays an active role in our risk intelligence operations at the credit allocation stage. CredIS automatically notifies us by marking them with yellow cards for businesses that are in risky situations and red cards for those that are bankrupt/default, and supports us to take precautionary measures for risky situations. We can also detect negative news about businesses instantly with CredIS."

Payment system company with the widest service network in Turkey . . . :

"When starting to work with our customers and during the entire process we work, we are able to check their past risky situations with CredIS first. It gives us speed and contributes to our cooperation with healthy companies while expanding our customer network. CredIS also tracks newly established businesses in our customer acquisition process, allowing us to quickly reach businesses with a higher growth score among them. In particular, thanks to the CredIS early warning system, POS Fraud prevents possible fraud situations with our teams."

"CredIS instantly tracks and receives notifications about the declared transactions of insurance agencies across Turkey, as well as address and partnership agreement status changes. If an insurance company has issues with an agency, terminates their agreement or if a insured vehicle is involved in an accident with other vehicles, CredIS initiates the necessary procedures.
Our agencies has competitive advantage through CredIS as they know of a potential customer's segment as soon as they enter through the door and activate their pre-defined rights. Additionally, CredIS enables us to know possible fraudulent addresses for the companies we work with, and we receive instant alerts if someone registers at one of these addresses."

One of Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Institutions . . . :

"CredIS is one of the most important decision support solutions that allows us to work in mutual trust with both our suppliers and our customers. We can track all futures transactions, the debit-credit intelligence process and then the entire process until the balance is closed on CredIS within the scope of early warning."

"We provide great benefits in our processes with the early warning setup to monitor the borrower 24/7 and notify immediately when a negative situation occurs. No human intervention is required for early warning while monitoring these processes. All our expert team efficiently benefits from the information provided by CredIS. In addition, by personalizing e-mail alerts, they can get instant information about the priority status of priority businesses. Experts can instantly and regularly monitor all risky situations that may occur via CredIS frontends and e-mails sent to them from the system."

"Thanks to the wide commercial network information provided by CredIS, we can get all the commercial relationship information of our debtors from a single screen in a very short time. CredIS is our best assistant in reaching our monthly collection targets. Our teams carry their work to the most efficient point with the correct and reliable information they receive from CredIS."